Have Hope; Don't Dodge the Doctor!

Until today I had managed to put off my doctor's visit for months. The doctor AND a blog entry in one day? Two things I haven't done since April; absurd!

Between staffing issues at work, dreading a co-pay or perhaps just the thought of another medication change something was getting in the way of my check-ups. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING I RECOMMEND! It is absolutely best practice to see your doctor when they request. They didn't go to school FOREVER to be stood up or because they are idiots. They really can help.

My doctor was pleased to hear that I've not had a seizure in almost four months but the fact that I had had a seizure since my last visit was simply not good enough for him. What a guy; I'm loving how he's thinking! He's happy with the changes but wants to see me fully controlled; driving, having children should I so choose, etc. Holy cow, he's not giving up!? After three different medications and no ultimate success he still has hope? 

I guess what I'm trying to convey is that today's appointment was exciting! Before I was seeing an epileptologist I saw a general neurologist that experimented with two medications but never really gave me encouragement or explained that life could be "normal" again. Thankfully, I have family and friends that show me genuine love and I hear of tons of success stories of people with seizure disorders. But sometimes, sometimes you need the one that knows the brain best, the one with all the scientific knowledge to put the facts and statistics aside and show you a glimpse of emotion and tenerderheartedness. A glamorous tidbit of unexpected hope straight from your doctor's mouth. THANK YOU DR. SAMI ABOUMATAR! 

After my appointment today and pondering the experience, I think my 2015 "theme" is going to be that of HOPE. Whether I'm somehow providing it or receiving, hope is what I have! I also have a sense of reality and know that no one can snap their fingers to make epilepsy magically disappear. My hope, however, is for another minute, hour, day of seizure free living and that awareness will be raised!

Seizure the Day, this HOPEFUL day!