Play By Play

Hello Friends and Family....

Unfortunately, I've had more seizures within the past 4 months than I had in all of 2012.  A bit discouraging but my husband Jake and I are remaining optimistic.

Providing the doctor with as many details as possible is important so they can best prescribe medicine and treatment. So when I had a seizure in my friend/co-worker's car, we asked her for some info. Anticipating just a few sentences of how my head turned, my body stiffened and I started making strange noises, we were flabbergasted when she sent a detailed "play by play."  Jake appreciated the fact that we were able to share it with the doctor. I appreciated the opportunity to accurately understand what a seizure looks like and how it can make people feel.  By the way, I've never seen a seizure happen.  True story!

If you haven't seen a seizure happen there's a detailed description below. If you have seen a seizure, perhaps compare your experience to Celia's:

"My name is Celia and this is the story when Callie and I went bowling together with some co-workers. Before I go into details, I need to mention a few things. Callie trained at my branch, but currently works at a different one. I knew she was married, just moved to Austin and that her husband is a comedian, but I didn't know anything else about her. The bowling place is North of Austin, her branch is South and my branch is central. It was on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013. Callie needed a ride to go bowling, so I offered her one. She was able to meet me at my branch after work by getting a ride from Desiree (her co-worker). We both said, "Hi" and got into my car, then starting chatting. 

Charmaigne is my co-worker, who happened to close with me that day, was also going bowling with us. She was riding in her own car and was leading the way through 5th St. going east. 

Callie and I starting talking. She mentioned that her husband was away and that she was staying alone, we were chatting about work and as we were approaching highway I-35 to turn right and loop around to the left,  I noticed that the traffic was bad. It was around 5:45 p.m and I-35 traffic is really bad at that time. I tried to pass Charmaigne as I was turning right to the frontage road. Almost immediately I needed to turn left to loop around, so I was unable to pass her. 

As soon as I turned right, there was a big Shiner Beer sign to the left of the frontage road, Callie began looking at it while I was talking. She looked fine, but was mainly quiet. As I started to turn left she kept staring at the sign, her body started to twist to the right, and she started to make sounds. Her hands were moving toward the window so I though she was pointing at the sign. It was like she was turning towards it but the car was going in the other direction. I asked,  "Are you ok?" And looked at her. Thankfully the traffic was so bad that I was able to stop the car behind Charmaigne, who was waiting for the traffic to move. 

Callie's body started shaking and I got really nervous. I kept asking her if she was ok, if she needed something,  but I believed she was having a  seizure and I have never witnessed anything like that before. I knew I needed to keep her head up because I met someone who suffers from epilepsy.  She told me that if something ever happened, I should lay her to the side so that she wouldn't involuntarily choke herself. Callie was sitting with her seatbelt on, so I tried to put her head up and hold her forehead. I was talking to her but I don't think she could hear me. 

I nervously called Charmaigne and asked for assistance. Charmaigne said, "follow me" and finally started to move. I could not assist Callie anymore while driving, plus she was moving. I need to mention that before I started to drive her skin was turning pale -almost with no color- and her eyes reflected absentness. 

The seizure happened in approximately three stages: The first was her body moving toward the right and she was making noises. The second was having a seizure. The third occurred as I started driving -she was moving slowly, not shaking, but just moving slowly and not looking at anything specifically. During the episode, She never talked or made any noises after the first stage. The whole thing lasted about 4-5 minutes. However, it felt longer.

Charmaigne was able to pull into the nearest gas station and as I was following her, Callie started to come back and I kept asking her how she felt- but she was quiet. I offered her water and I was still nervous- but really happy that her color started to return and she looked at lot better. By the time I pulled over she said, "I'm ok". Charmaigne opened Callie's  door and asked if we were ok. I was double parked right next to her at the pump. We were fine by then and charmaigne started to gas her car. I asked Callie if she wanted to wait a little before going bowling or if she was feeling like going the her house. She still wanted to go bowling and I confirmed that again with her. I waited for Charmaigne to gas her car, and give a little time for me and her to recover.  After Charmaigne finished, we got on the road again and went bowling."

Hi, It's Callie again...
An amazing story and a job well done.  Celia is no longer just my co-worker, she's my good friend!

With Joy,