Our Honeymoon! Good Memorable vs Bad Memorable.

Hi!  I'm Jake!

You only get one honeymoon (well, unless you get married a whole bunch of times).  But Callie and I had our one and only honeymoon last week.  We went on an amazing Caribbean cruise. We'd never been on a cruise before!  Our constant view of the ocean was breathtaking! We went to 3 different countries too. Callie had been out of the country before, but I hadn't (unless you want to count Canada, aka America Junior).

It was one of my top 10 favorite vacations ever!  It was relaxing, fun, romantic- and thank goodness it was also seizure free.  Yay! I was concerned about that.  I prayed like crazy about that.  I wanted my wife to have a memorable honeymoon- but there's good memorable and there's bad memorable:
  • Good memorable is trying new foods, making new friends, going on excursions,  taking pictures of inappropriate graffiti, haggling for keepsakes with foreign salesmen, sitting in a hot tub- with no children allowed.
  • Bad memorable is your wife having a seizure, prompting inexperienced officials to hail an expensive foreign ambulance.  Bad memorable is hitting your head, breaking your nose, getting sick on your dress.
  • Worse memorable is having a seizure while snorkeling.  Worse memorable is waking up in a third world country hospital. Worse memorable is returning home alone. 
  • Best memorable  Best memorable is dancing with your spouse, winning bingo money, eating two orders of filet mignon with short ribs in the same meal, snorkeling, holding baby turtles, listening to your tour guide sing as he rafts you down a serene forested river, snuggling, and laughing all week. We did those things.  It was relaxing.  So calm.  So romantic.
Fortunately, Callie didn't have any seizures during our honeymoon.  Our honeymoon was definitely BEST Memorable. I wish we were still on it. Sigh.

Callie and I are home, safe and sound.  We are refreshed, happy, and in love.

More good news: today, she started her new job!  Let's get her through this week seizure free too!

Seizure The Day!
Bye!  I'm Jake!


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