Did You See Last Night's "Episode?"

Hello Friends & Family...

I've tweeted about today's topic in the past but since I tend to be slightly long winded and only have 140 characters in which to get my point across on Twitter....well, we've only just begun.

The proper definition of the word "Seizure" (according to Merriam Webster) is,
a sudden attack (as of disease); especially: the physical manifestations (as convulsions, sensory disturbances, or loss of consciousness) resulting from abnormal electrical discharges in the brain (as in epilepsy)
(there is another definition relating to being captured...look it up if you'd like)

Based on the definition above, the number of names/descriptions people have for seizures are so strange...

1.  Episode- There are multiple definitions according to Merriam Webster but the most accurate for my understanding is...one of a series of loosely connected stories or scenes.

I'd use this in the following sentence:
"Last night's episode of American Idol was great!"

2Fit- Again, multiple definitions according to Merriam Webster but two that are most applicable in my life are....being in such a state as to be or seem ready to do or suffer something OR put into a suitable state : made ready

Now, I can kind of understand the correlation of the first definition and a seizure.  However, this could be anything.  I most often hear it used in this context: "That child was throwing a fit because he didn't get his way." (hahahaha...notice that I made the fit throwing child a boy)

The second definition would allow me to use the following sentence:
"I must get fit before I can run a marathon," said, NOT ME. 

3.  "Spell"- There are two definitions in which we use this word most.  Definitions are: a spoken word or form of words held to have magic power OR  to name the letters of in order; also: to write or print the letters of in order  ( I rarely do this properly)

Applicable sentences include:
"I'll put a spell on you My Pretty," said the Wicked Witch.

"I can't spell very well so my husband helps edit my blog entries," said me.

So clearly, the three words directly above have nothing to do with seizures, epilepsy, the brain, convulsions, sensory, nerves....you get the point.  Hmmm, why do we use them?  My conclusion (this is my opinion not fact) is that the stigmas associated with epilepsy make people want to hide the truth.  So, if you have a "fit," an "episode," or a "spell" life is just dandy but if you have a "seizure," call the exorcist!  Stigmas are slowly being eliminated and people have begun to actually call a seizure a seizure....tah-dah!  But, I think so many people are just in a habit of calling seizures such odd, inaccurate names.

Challenge: This can be tough, but next time you hear someone refer to a seizure as an episode, fit or spell, politely correct them.  Help break habits; squash stigmas!

Seizure the Day!



  1. I saw several episodes last night, since I'm now catching up on "Breaking Bad". Didn't see any seizures, though. We (the members of my family) have always called them seizures because my Dad insisted on calling them what they were. He was big on using proper terms. But he also said that term was correct because when one hit, it took him over and didn't let go until it was done. (That's your second "capture" definition.) And I will continue to correct those who act out of ignorance and don't use the proper term.

  2. What's hard about saying seizure too is that makes people feel sorry for you, or disappointed in you somehow. As if having a seizure isn't hard enough on the brain, waking up and having those around you make you feel bad about it doesn't help. Let's keep speaking the truth, and eventually people will feel less guilty about hearing about it.


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