Thank You! Plus, the New Seizure The Day Youtube Channel!

Hi!  I'm Jake!

First off, thanks to everybody who helped Callie take 3rd place in the Worlds Apart Purple Together contest. By watching, sharing, and liking her video, you did a lot to help spread epilepsy awareness. Plus, Callie won a $500 cash prize!  That will help pay for her meds!  Thank you so much!

Secondly, this contest has inspired Callie and I to start making more epilepsy awareness videos.  We have launched a new Youtube channel called -you guessed it- Seizure The Day!  Please subscribe to the Seizure The Day Youtube Channel.  We'll be posting one or two fun, informative, epilepsy videos each month.  Here's a link:

Please subscribe now!  Thanks!

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, here is Callie's award-winning contest entry, "Seizure The Day!" Even if you have seen it, please watch it again and/or share it with friends.  Thanks!

Now that we have uploaded Callie's awesome Seizure The Day video to the Seizure The Day channel, we could use some "likes" too!  Thanks!  Just go to the video and hit the like button.  Here's a picture to help with that. :)

Thanks again for all your support in helping Callie take 3rd in the WAPT contest.  Callie and I are honored.  Thank you also for reading this blog.

Seizure The Day!
Bye!  I'm Jake!