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Good Afternoon...

My husband and I have been "on the road" for over a month and ahhhh, it's good to finally be home!  Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful time seeing new states, meeting new people and enjoying my new family but really, I'd almost forgotten what our apartment looked like. 

One of the great things about being gone was that there was ample time to promote the "World's Apart, Purple Together" epilepsy awareness video that we'd made.  There wasn't apartment cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. for which to concern myself! That was nice ;-) .  If you haven't seen the video, I encourage you to check it out at the bottom of this entry.

The WAPT contest winner was determined by the number of YouTube "likes" that the video received.  So, naturally, as I was sharing the video with friends, family, Twitter pals, Facebook Friends, strangers, EVERYONE... I was requesting they "like" it.  Raising awareness and crushing stigmas associated with epilepsy is my true passion but I do welcome cash prizes with open arms- don't judge: you would too!

Jake and I monitored YouTube closely, provided updates to one another; the contest literally came down to the minute.  There was no guarantee but at the close of "voting" I was sure I'd taken second place.  I was totally satisfied with this finish; we'd made a gallant effort- AND the prize was pretty hefty!

The contest sponsor was going to start showing results on Wednesday the 12th.  Third place would be shown on the 12th. Second place would be shown on Thursday, and of course first place was shown today. I was certain that I'd hear something on Thursday. I was certain I'd find out we took second place. Since we'd been following all the videos we decided to check out and encourage the third place winner.  Much to our surprise, my name and video was listed in third place.  THIRD?!  REALLY?!  THIRD?! This couldn't be right.  Yep, I was tears, but some serious pouting. 

I called my mom to give her the irritating news and she responded, "Callie, that's great; congratulations!" Ummm, not the answer I was looking for.  I wanted Mommy to say, "WHAT?! THIRD?! That can't be right."  Never mind that over 2,000 people had viewed the video and likely learned a little something new.  I'd been contacted by professional soccer player, Leon Legge who has epilepsy and wants to write for the blog. I was endorsed by NFL star Jason Snelling of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I had over ten total strangers find me on Facebook and say that I had given them hope in some way.  I was asked to speak at an epilepsy event in South Carolina.  Yet somehow, all these things just weren't good enough.

BIG CONFESSION HERE- I lost sight of what was most important!  My pride and greed had gotten the best of me.  This is where the most disappointment set in...disappointed in myself.  This time there were some tears.

One of Jake's friends (that I've never even met) commented on the announcement of my third place finish by saying, "Regardless of the prize, you've already won!"  What a brilliantly humbling statement.  It's true though; I HAVE won.  I HAVE made a difference, hopefully in the lives of others but definitely in my own.  I am an epilepsy advocate NOT a cut throat contestant. 
Thank you so much to those who shared the video, sent encouraging words, contacted me and/or let down your guard by sharing your own stories.  I was temporarily blinded by my greed and pride but now I do realize what real treasures I have received as result of this contest.  None of them involve my bank account.               

Seizure the Day! 

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  1. I love this post, Callie! And I'm so impressed with your willingness to put this out there! You are a leader, indeed! :)


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