Think it Over... how a 5 year old helped me

Oh my goodness; what a horrible blogger I've been!  Well, I'm back. 

My hubby, Jake and I have been off seizuring the day in 3 different states just since last Friday.  We've had a whirlwind trip and there's still more to come.  I was a little sad about not being with family for our first Thanksgiving as a married couple but we managed to create a memorable holiday.

We crashed the Thanksgiving lunch of one of my dear friends in Asheville, NC.  Though I basically invited us, they were so kind and loving that it really felt like home.  Their son is 5 years old and is as cute as a button.  I think the sleepy hormone in the turkey set in later that afternoon and things got a little rocky for a minute.  There was some typical 5 year old pouting and a little crying but in general life was good.

As silly kid complaining happened, the pouting intensified and his mom sent him to the, "Think it Over Chair."  It wasn't really time out but simply a stop, chill out and contemplate the situation at hand. husband and I stifled laughter as some of this was happening.  I later "thought it over" and decided that this idea was brilliant.  Not only was this concept perfect for a tot, it's likely even more effective for an adult.

I am constantly making relatively large decisions or letting unnecessary comments roll off my tongue without truly weighing all of my options.  Later I say to myself, "hmmm, this outcome would have probably been different if I'd just put more thought into it."  Some things I should have thought over:

  1. Staying at a party to the very end...good time, late night, sleep deprivation, seizure the next day.
  2. Making a snide remark to my husband... jab feels kind of good (very temporary), realize what I've said, hurt my husband's feelings, stress over the comment, lose sleep over it, seizure the next day.
  3. Spending too much money on a new pair of shoes....have awesome new shoes, bank account goes red, stress over how I'm going to pay my rent, seizure the next day. 

I've been guilty of each of these three of these things at some point in time.  While I've not had a seizure the next day every time, I have put myself at  higher risk.  If I'd only "thought it over," I could have set a curfew for myself, realized how my comment would hurt someone I love and made a budget for my shopping endeavor.  Ultimately, I would have been a happier, healthier person. 

So, I've decided that when I get home I'll designate my own "Think it Over Chair."  Perhaps I'll find a daily routine or only use this concept when things get a bit rocky.  I'm going to have to discover what works best for me but I guarantee thinking it over will work best for anyone.  Needless to say, my challenge for you today...think something over.  Whether epilepsy related or not, you'll be happier and healthier. 

Seizure the Day!