Seizure My (birth) Day

My 29th birthday was yesterday and boy did I have an adventure.  My husband, Jake planned one of the most fun and informative birthday's  I've ever had!  Well, perhaps my birthday party at the zoo and my hamburger cake at age 9 or 10, "took the cake" ;-) on fun and informative but, those kind of parties don't count.  Also, yesterday's adventure resulted in far fewer bruises than my 8 year old skating party...I was just never a skater.  Oh well. 

Slight digression; sorry.  Anyway, I recently moved to Austin, TX so before yesterday I'd really not seen too much of this booming town.  We enjoyed the following activities...

1.  South 1st Arts Festival
2.  The Bob Bullock Texas State Museum
3.  Beat Poetry and Art Festival at Austin Community College
4.  Western Country Music (Redd Volkaert) at the Continental Club
5.  Adventures on South Congress
6.  He had planned for a Texas Two-step dance lesson (canceled) 
7.  Kerby Lane Restaurant instead of above
8.  Bluegrass/Folk (Sour Bridges) at the Rattle Inn Club

While all of these events were wonderful and I will elaborate more on them in a later entry, one of my favorite parts was that we took the bus to each destination...we were able to learn so much about the city and the bus system (which will be very helpful in the future, as I don't have a driver's license). 

Another cool part of this experience was that most of these adventures were free!  My husband is not a cheapo, but we do have to pay for meds ;-) 

Lastly, my favorite part was Seizuring the Day with my wonderful, supportive husband that cares for me and my cause.  Birthdays are great, but love is better!

Go out, Seizure the Day today by telling someone that you love them and tell them why feels really good.         

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