National Epilepsy Awareness Month...only 4 more days

Unfortunately, November, National Epilepsy Awareness Month is coming to a close. Time flies!  this has been a great month, though. I've been extremely encouraged by the amount of people that are standing up for epilepsy.   More and more people are raising awareness, crushing stigmas and better supporting their friends and family members that have epilepsy (both monetarily and with encouraging words).

I am proud of my efforts this November and especially proud of my husband, Jake, who has made epilepsy awareness a passion of his own.  Yep: I helped jump start his initial interest but I'm no longer the sole reason.  He's constantly offering ideas about how to raise awareness, raise money, beat stigmas, help me (and others) be seizure-free, etc.  Seeing his new found passion develop has been so touching and truly beautiful.

Jake's developing passion has been really inspiring.  I've decided that it's just not right to let my November fire smoulder.  Many of you readers are new to epilepsy and I'm delighted that you've likely learned a little something (say that 10 times fast).  It is my hope that, like Jake, your November spark will grow.  I've name the rest of 2012 and all of 2013 National Epilepsy Awareness year!  Anybody need any gasoline for your fire?   

Jake and I are working on some exciting events, more videos, trying to get more involved with our state Epilepsy Foundation and of course, I'll continue this blog. I'm hoping to have more guest bloggers as well.  If you have epilepsy questions, want to suggest blog topics, be a guest writer, are interested in volunteering and/or want to attend area fundraisers, let me know.  Email me at pcalliesharon@ 

Seizure the Day, Seizure the Month, Seizure the YEAR!