Lots of Changes...still Seizuring the Day

Good Afternoon Old and New!!!

I started this blog about 2 years ago BUT have just been out Seizuring the Day so much that I've not kept things!  However, based on my life changes, I am understanding how important it is for me, my friends and family and even strangers to know how I'm seizuring the day.  Know that I don't always talk about me, me, me in this blog but to bring everyone up to speed and to give the newest followers a general idea... here's a little about me...very little about me. 

- I'm Callie Sharon
- I got married one month ago
- I'm from High Point, North Carolina
- I moved to Austin, Texas about 3 weeks ago
- I ride horses (haven't found a farm to ride at in Austin so if you know of a good me!)
- I have epilepsy
- Everyday, some how, some way, I manage to SEIZURE THE DAY! 


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Seizure The Day!