Uggh, Do I Have To?

Hello all!

My Seizuring the Day today hasn't been so fun...domestic duties...ick!  I think starting my chores is the hardest part.  Leg cramps as I'm cleaning the base boards and sneezing as I empty the filter on the vacuum (gross) aren't real inspiring.  By the time I finish, our apartment is squeaky clean and smells like a forest of cedar trees.  At the end of the day I'm so excited and proud of my glowing casa that I don't even remember the negative parts.

I can sort of relate this to how my epilepsy has effected my life.  Sure, there are things that I'm not real keen on doing because of epilepsy but, at the end of each task....I'm generally pretty proud of how the situations turn out.  Three things I'm talking about:
  • Taking pills everyday can be kind of a hassle.  Sometimes I'm out doing something fun and pill taking time comes around...."oh no, I left my pills at home!"  The fun ceases and I have to go home to get them. 
  • Not having a driver's license can be really frustrating.  I'm running late for school or work or an appointment, miss the bus and have to end up paying for a cab.  Grrrr!  
  • Staying up late can be AWESOME! I love Saturday Night Live, hanging out with friends, etc.  Since sleep deprivation is a trigger of mine, I'm off to catch some zzzz's. 

I'm certainly not saying that I'm compliant all the any means.  (Don't tell my mom, my husband or my doctor).  If I am compliant, ultimately, I'm proud of myself for making the right decisions and keeping myself healthy. 

So, my challenge, Seizure the Day by making a good decision today/this evening.  Whether it's epilepsy related or not...face a decision you've been avoiding.  It's tough but you'll be proud you did!