Lazy Teenage Girl or Smart Responsible Woman?

Gooooood Morning....that's right, morning.  Though it is noon here, I have just awoken.  I am having lots of feelings regarding this marathon sleep...  For the record, I did wake up to take my meds at 8am?Consistency is good.... More on that later....

Am I a high school or college student again?  In college though, I'm certain that I just stayed up way too late. Bad idea!  Anyway, REALLY hoping not to ever revert back to teenage years.  I made some really bad choices then.  Perhaps more on that at a later date. 

Secondly, I feel SOOOO LAZY!  I could have been awake cleaning, exercising, cooking, job hunting, blogging, etc.  Am I going to grow (literally) into one of those ladies that "let's herself go?"  I do know the answer to that, NO!  I promised my husband and myself that I wouldn't ever do that.  I may gain a few pounds, especially after children, but I will never be obese. (more on that in later blogs)  What's scary is that if I go to bed at a healthy hour (by 11pm), I only have about 11 hours to "Seizure the Day" today."  I'll make those hours count, no worries! 

The above paragraph leads right in to least I was burning calories; I wasn't awake eating junk and being a couch potato.  This one is a stretch, I know.

Lastly, and most importantly....I listened to my body!  I may feel a little like a lazy teenager (say that ten times fast) BUT, clearly my body was EXHAUSTED!  One of my biggest triggers is sleep deprivation and the last thing I want right now is to have a seizure.  Have you ever had a sleep deprived EEG?  Your doctor interrupts your sleep pattern so they can better see what's going on; helps with epilepsy diagnosis and determining what type of seizures the patient is having.  I've had some marathon sleeps after that test too.   

The general conclusion I've made is..... Well done body/brain/Callie!  While I haven't been active, I've still "Seizured the Day!"

With Joy,