Seizure the Day; Go Shopping!

Good Afternoon Friends & Family! 

In my "Seizuring My (birth) Day" post, I told you what wonderful adventures we had.  If you haven't read it yet, check it out.  My hubby did a really good job.  There was one cool part of the day that I didn't mention so, here goes...

We wandered along on South Congress Avenue in Austin, TX checking out some great stores, doing some window shopping, going into Allen's boots just to smell the leather, etc.  At one point we saw a swanky little jewelry show... Jake was very reluctant but I threw the, "It's my birthday, we're supposed to do what I want," card and TA DA into the show we went.  I know, selfish little act but...desperate times call for desperate measures. ;-)  I expected my hands (wrist, finger, toe, ears, etc) to come out just like my wallet....empty.  While my husband is great, he didn't buy anything and certainly didn't steal anything...BUT, I did leave wearing a beautiful new necklace!

I saw the unique necklace at a cute little booth (with VERY good prices) and exclaimed with a persuasive tone, "I love that necklace Jake, you know it is my birthday."  Yep, threw the card again; Jake didn't fall for it this time.  The young woman that owned the company, without skipping a beat said, "Oh my goodness, happy birthday; it's yours!  Let me put it on you."  Jake and I were shocked and could not stop talking about what a sweet, unnecessary gesture she'd made.  It was refreshingly evident how excited she was about giving me this necklace.  She has just started her jewelry business and had a "sparkle" in her eye as she told us about it.

This lady was Seizuring the Day in so many ways...almost all ways I've suggested. She'd gone out on a limb, decided she was going to do something new and showed love by giving me that necklace.  Pretty cool.  If you like fun, affordable jewelry, Seizure the Day by checking out her website.

And, as challenge for something sweet and unnecessary for a stranger.

Until tomorrow...