Post Seizure Survey

Hello.  If you're seeing this, it is probably because you witnessed a seizure.  It's rough.

You can help though.  Doctors don't usually witness seizures.  In addition to medical testing, they rely on the information gathered from seizure patients and from people like you who observe the seizures.  

Below is a questionnaire to help you gather your thoughts.  Please share the questionnaire results with the person who had the seizure so they can share it with their doctor.  Or, if appropriate, please share with their spouse, loved one, parent, or legal guardian.   

For example, whenever Callie has a seizure, I take notes so when we go to her epileptologist together, I can share what happened.  This has a huge impact on her treatment. 

Your response is appreciated immensely.  Thank you times a hundred!

Whoa! What a Rush....sharing my journey as a woman with epilepsy!

I just finished a 45 minute presentation to a group of 150 healthcare professionals at the American Epilepsy Society conference. Ahhhhh! Freak out, cry, give it all I've got. YES; all of the above! What an amazing honor to speak with these folks. They've done years of studying, seen so many patients and their research never ceases. And me, Callie Sharon, menial banker got to share my personal "case study."

So my journey continues, with new supporters, advocates and brilliant professionals rooting for me. 

Life is good; seizure the day! 

Callie Sharon

Callie's First Video EEG!

Hello y'all!

I'm joyously writing today for two reasons: 
  1. Today is Purple Day, a dedicated day where people worldwide spread awareness about epilepsy. Of course, we can spread epilepsy awareness everyday, but it is good that we have a dedicated day for that too.
  2. As you can read about in previous Seizure The Day entries, I recently had my first Video EEG! My husband Jake interviewed me so we could share my experience.  Below is my second Seizure The Day video, Callie's First Video EEG!

Well, as you can see I am very hopeful and excited about what's to come with my epilepsy journey.

I'm sure you have more questions about Video EEGs and epilepsy in general.   Please feel free to contact me here.  If I don't know the answer, I know some great resources and we will find out together!

Now let's get out there and spread some epilepsy awareness!

Seizure The Day!

P.S.  Below is a transcript of this video. My husband, Jake Sharon, watched the video, and typed up all my words.